Tender Requirement/Procurement

For security reasons this Board does not publish our current Tender list via our website,please contact us directly to inquire the current Tenders and the list of our registered and accredited local sourcing agent.

Selection and Award Criteria:
The following selection criteria will be applied to Tenderers. In the case of Tenders submitted by a consortium, these selection criteria will be applied to the consortium as a whole:


  1. Mehdi Trade Agency Ltd
  2. Abdullah Consultant Agency
  3. Mahmud Consultant Agency
  4. Al-Shaiba Consulting & Marketing Global
  5. Al Abdullah Shareef Ahmad Trading Services
  6. Homaidan Consulting & Marketing Holdings Co. Ltd
  7. Hammad Trading Limited
  8. Yousif Al-Hamdan Holdings Co. Ltd
  9. J&M Trading Global Limited
  10. Yasser Aljaidah Global Limited
  11. Abdul Arafat & Sons Trading Limited
  12. Alhaji Abdul Waleed Agency
  13. A Ramadan International Limited
  14. Raafat & Co. General Contracting Est
  15. Mohammed Abdulrahman Trading and Consulting Limited
  16. Al-Abadi Consulting & Marketing Global
  17. Mohamed Hassan Agency

Bidders/Suppliers should submit the following bidding documents to this Committee through their respective local Agent:

  1. A Quotation in either CIF or FOB
  2. An Application Letter/Letter of Intent stating suppliers Interest and ability.
  3. An Authorization Letter Appointing a local company as Agent/Representative.
  4. Completed copies of the company Application/ Registration Forms
  5. Proof of payment for the Registration Fee of $5,500 USD or its equivalent.
  6. Company Profile
  7. Evidence of company’s Registration as a legal organization in country of origin.
  8. Names and positions of company’s officials.
  9. Proforma Invoice Covering the Required products and quantities.

that every document must be submitted through the companies accredited local Agent. Any documents submitted directly to this Committee without through a local Agent will be disqualied except in special case where such company is authorized to do so.

All companies who wishes to have a copy of the official Tender document does so buy purchasing the Full Tender documents through their local Agent who must be a licensed and accredited Agent of this office with the sum of US$1000.00.

All our suppliers/contractors are under statutory obligation to be registered with this Board as our legal and Non residential supplier with the sum of US$5,500.00 only or its equivalent.This payment is payable to the Revenue department of this Board in cash at the time of Tender offer submission through the local Agent representing the company in the Bid. The Tender Registration fee is 100% refundable to companies that do not meet nomination criteria for Contract Award within Three days (72 hours) of their formal disqualification from the Tender.

Suppliers/contractors are required to contact their local agent and obtain official invoice containing their Bank account details for the payment of their registration fee, the Agent upon receipt of the fund will deposit it to our revenue department and, and a Registration Certificate shall be issued to such company within the period of 48 hours (Two days). The Registration Certificate confirms the eligibility of such company to become a contractor/supplier of this Committee.

Submitted bidding document will be opened by the Tender Committee within three working days of the bid submission. Pre-qualified/nominated companies with realistic quotations and needed product line will be contacted by the Board.

Successful Company(ies) will receive their contract payment in their preferred bank account within Five (5) working days after Contract Agreement signing.